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127-129 High Street
131-133 High Street

Road: High Street, Teddington

Property: 127-133

General Notes for nos. 127-155:

"The history of the properties between Cambridge Road and Eton Villas is not entirely clear. The land belonged to the manor of Teddington which was sold in 1862. The land to the east of Kingston Lane, the site of the semi-detached villas, was sold to Mr S. Johnson. The area between this plot and the proposed new road, Cambridge Road, was put up for auction in two lots.

Lot 3, nearest to Kingston Lane, contained a brick and tiled dwelling house and corn dealers' shop. The tenant, Mr Cockrell, was under notice to quit at Michaelmas. The purchaser of this lot was to enter into a covenant with the vendors that he will within three months of purchase remove the buildings upon the proposed line of roadway, the materials of which are to belong to him, so that the site may be cleared to the extent of 40ft. in width.

Lot 4 contained a pair of semi-detached villa residences, brick built and slated, let to Joseph Jackson and Mrs Sarah West. One of these villas stretched across the site of the proposed new road.

According to the Ordnance Survey Map of 1863-64 the site of Lots 3 & 4 and Mr Johnson's land had been developed. It would appear from the map that there were 6 pairs of semi-detached houses, starting on the corner of Cambridge Road. The last three pairs coincide with what we now call Oxford, Cambridge and Harrow Villas.

By the time the next Ordnance Survey Map was produced, 1894, the property had changed and was as we know it today with a terrace of 4 houses next to Cambridge Road, one detached house and 4 pairs of villas, Eton Villas having been built. It is possible that the property was in the process of being built when surveyed for the 1863 map and either the plans changed or the surveyor assumed they would all be pairs of semi-detached villas.

The names given to the properties also require some clarification. In the 1871 census we find nos. 1 & 2 Elm Villas, (or possibly Eton Villas), nos. 1 & 2 Harrow Villas, nos. 1–4 Oxford Villas, Cambridge House, and three Cambridge Villas, one possibly being empty. This indicates that the four houses next to Cambridge Road were called Cambridge Villas, one was occupied by S. Nurse who had bought the land (Lots 3 & 4). The large house now housing the British Legion may have been called Cambridge House for a short period of time. The next two semi-detached villas were known as Oxford Villas, then came Harrow Villas, and Eton Villas were frequently spelled Eaton Villas."

Nos. 127-133 are thought to have been called Cambridge Villas. The Misses Sanford wrote that these are "A terrace of 4 large houses. Each pair of houses shares a roof but the houses are joined by a centre section which has a pediment at roof level on which is centred a sculptured head. Each house has a front door up 8 steps and the porch is pilastered. On this floor is a large 3-sectioned bay window down to near floor level. On the upper floor are two sash windows again pilastered. Each house has one dormer window in the roof. There is a semi-basement with a bay window. In the centre under the pediment are two windows on the upper floor, a single window on the lower floor and two doors on the ground floor. There are no steps up to these doors. These houses are painted a darkish gray with the pilasters etc. in neutral cement colour." In 2013 the houses are painted light cream. All were built by Mr Nurse c. 1860.

In 1978, part of these houses were used as offices by solicitors; and no. 133 was occupied by Whiddington (estate agents).

In 2013, no. 127 is occupied by imatch and Contact Francentact France; no. 129 by Butters & Company Chartered Accountants; the upper floors of no. 131 are residential flats and the basement is occupied by The Sunday Events Company, Tru Merchandise, and Cooper Faure; and no. 133 is in residential occupation.

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