High Street 112-118

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112-118 High Street

Road: High Street, Teddington

Property: 112-118

General Notes for nos. 112 – 162:

"This parade of shops and flats were built on the site of Udney House, built for entertaining in the 18th Century. It was the one time home of Mr Niven, architect of St Alban's Church. This is a block of 24 flats with shops below, built of dark red brick in a highly decorative style. They were built about the turn of the 19-20th century under the name 'Grand Parade'. The buildings have 4-storeys with very varied skylines arranged symmetrically. At each end appears a square towered roof of grey hung tiles, round which lies an ornamental railing with a lightning conductor at each corner. Most flat surfaces are decorated with scrolls and flowers. Walls are relieved in places by red brick columns. The doors to entrances to the flats are solid and handsome and the windows in them are engraved with floral designs. They have different numbers from the shops below and in the following notes these are linked with the ground floor premises. At each end of the block there is a substantial residential house attached to the back of the first and last shop. These houses have their frontage and entrance door around the corner in the corresponding side street – no. 112 is in Udney Park Road and no. 162 is in Kingston Lane."

No. 112: This house is attached to the back of no. 114 and the entrance is in Udney Park Road. It is a tall 4-storey red brick house in residential occupancy. There are 3 brick pilasters between the first and second storey windows.

No. 114: Double frontage. In 1979, Antiques, then empty, late Crisp.

No. 116-118: In 1979, Clouds (paint & wallpaper). In 1989, nos. 114 and 116 were joined together and became Liberty's (restaurant). In 2013, Retro Bistrot (French restaurant)

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