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St Mary's Church, Twickenham Road

Road: Ferry Road

Property: St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church is the old parish church of Teddington, part of which dates from the 16th century. It is grade II* listed (an early listing dating from 1952). Much of the church is 18th century, including the battlemented tower of brown brick, with 19th century additions - the chancel and vestry. The oldest part of the church is the red brick south aisle where, externally, Tudor brickwork with blue diaper work is visible. The east window has 3-lights and is perpendicular style. The tower used to be surmounted by a cupola.

St Mary's was the local parish church until 1889 when it had become too small and was closed and replaced by the new St Alban's Church – opposite; it was rededicated as a church in 1938 and returned to being the parish church (now St Mary with St Alban) in 1979.

The church's website gives a fuller history: https://www.teddingtonparish.org/about-us/history/.

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