Cambridge Road 1-3

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1 Cambridge Road
3 Cambridge Road
3 Cambridge Road

Road: Cambridge Road

Property: 1-3

No. 1: A 2-storey rectangular building with six four-paned sash windows surrounded by stone facings and a low slate roof. The door is towards the left-hand side of the building between the first two ground-floor windows. In 1974 it was office premises, formerly part of The White House doctors' surgery with no. 3. In 2014, no. 1 is named Grindlay House and is occupied by a firm of financial advisers (fpg).

No. 3: This is a square building with a gable style roof line facing the street. It has three sash windows with pediments, a narrow rectangular one over the door on the left, and two square windows on the right hand side of the building. There is a decorated pediment over the main door, and a curtain wall to the garden with side door inserted. On the garden front there is a wrought-iron verandah, and small wrought iron balconies on first floor windows. A roundel with classical head on the roof pediment, may be a mask of the builder Mr Nurse (who built the Oxford and Cambridge Villas on the High Street). The heads are said to be based on the features of his workmen. The house was formerly owned by a Miss Nurse. In 1974 it was owned by a removals firm, which used the garden and grounds behind the house and the pub as a yard. In 2014, now named Jacaranda House, the building appears to be residential property, but most of the garden has become part of the car park.

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