1841-1901 Census: Transcripts Page
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We have started making our own transcripts for each Census for Teddington. You can download them by clicking on the links below. So far we have only completed them for the years listed. If you would like to help extend these transcripts to other years, please contact Keith Atkinson (email). Left click on the link to read the file online and right click to download it.

If you can't wait for us to complete the task, then you will find transcripts for the 1841-1911 Census offered as part of subscription services like Ancestry and Find My Past.

The Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) FamilySearch website lets you search for people by name using an index of partial transcripts of the 1841-1911 Census of England and Wales. FamilySearch is free (but requires registration). It redirects you to Find My Past's subscription service for more detailed information on Census years and to view images of the Census pages.

The 1881 Census is a special case. You can do free searches for people by name on full transcripts of the 1881 Census on the FamilySearch website (and some other websites) because it was produced by volunteers coordinated by LDS. However, to view 1881 Census pages, FamilySearch still sends you to Find My Past.

The Census pages on this website are only for Teddington, Middlesex and only for the 1841-1901 Census. We would have liked to include the 1911 Census but it has many more pages than the other Census years because in 1911 each household made its own return on separate pages (or in some cases several pages).