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The Census pages on this website are only for Teddington, Middlesex and only for the 1841-1901 Census. We would have liked to include the 1911 Census but it has many more pages than the other Census years because in 1911 each household made its own return on separate pages (or in some cases several pages).

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Image/Page Index: Click on the Census year to access the Teddington pages for any Census from 1841-1901. You will then be presented with a Census Index which lists all the Teddington pages in that Census. The Census Index has, in the left column, the standard Census reference to the folio and page number for the Census page; and, in the right column, a description of the contents of each Census page (plus sometimes a link to extra Notes). Click on a link to view a Census page.

Note: The pages at the start of each District are highlit in a yellow colour, the current page (the one you will view if you click "Switch to Census Pages" is hightlit in white, while the pages you have viewed in this Census in this session will be ticked. You can add (or remove) ticks by clicking on the relevant box for a tick. You can remove all ticks by clicking in the column heading.

Note: The Advanced Console allows you some extra options like adding a column at the left with the file name of the page image. It also lets you lengthen or shorten the scrolling table in which the Census Index appears.

Road Index: Click on the "Roads" option in the menu at the top left to access the road index. You can then click on any Census year alongside the road name to carry out a search for that road in that Census.

Moving Between Pages: Census pages were written up in a book by the person who took the Census. You can move between successive pages in a Census book quite easily. To go to pages immediately before and after the one you are viewing, click on the back and forward buttons ( back 1 pageand forward 1 page). The Fast Back ( back 10 pages) and Fast Forward ( forward 10 pages) buttons jump ten pages. You can also jump to the first page (e.g. jump to first page) or the last page ( jump to last page) by clicking on those buttons. The buttons are active when green. If the buttons turn red then they won't work - for example because you are already on the first page for Teddington (e.g. jump to first page).

Search: You can search the Census page descriptions (and the Pages Refs) for the current Census using the search box. Use the "Search" button to start a search which matches what you type against the text in the Descriptions column (a blank string selects everything) and in the Page Refs. The search will use alphanumeric characters and spaces (you can type in other characters but it will delete them (except for "/" before doing anything). The website remembers the search string if you move to another Census or, for example, to the Help page and back again. Use "Reset Search" to cancel the use of the current search string.

Index/View: To return to the Census Index from a Census page, click on "Switch to Census Index". To return from the Census Index to the same Census page you were previously viewing, click on "Switch to Census Pages".

Speed: Each Census page file is a jpg image file of size 0.5Mb-1Mb. The Census pages may therefore be slow in loading depending on the speed of your Internet access.

In the top menu for a Census page, you will find an option to view the current Census page in a resizable window. This lets you see it at any desired size.

In the top menu for a Census page, you will find the option to turn an Image Magnifier ON (if it is OFF) or OFF (if it is already ON). The default for the Image Magnifier is OFF and it is turned OFF if you go to another page and back again. Once turned, ON, activiate the magnifier by holding down the left cursor button and dragging the mouse pointer across a Census page. The Image Magnifier only works on the Census Image page, not on the larger image in a resizeable window (see above). The Image Magnifier being used is called imageLens.

Each Census gives the names of each person in a household with some other information (which varies from Census to Census).

The 1841 census gives the ages of people 15 years and over were rounded down to the nearest five years. Other Census years give the exact age in years (as reported) for each person in a household except for those under one year old when ages are given in months.

Census Year   Census Date (night of)
1841   6 June 1841
1851   30 March 1851
1861   7 April 1861
1871   2 April 1871
1881   3 April 1881
1891   5 April 1891
1901   31 March 1901
1911   2 April 1911

For more information about each Census click here. Several commercial providers, including Ancestry and Find my Past, offer subscription access to the 1841-1911 Census for the whole country both original images and transcripts.

Take care in interpreting the information on each Census page for a number of reasons:

  • Because Census takers did not necessarily record every road on consecutive pages i.e. the pages for a particular road may be scattered around a Census book or even have been covered by different Census takers and so may be in a different Census books.
  • Road names used in the Census may be different from those used today. (e.g. Teddington Park was known as Blenheim Road in the 1901 Census but by the 1911 Census was called Teddington Park).
  • For some roads and properties, road numbers may have been assigned and changed at various times so the house identified by the same number in a road may be a different property in a different Census. Also some properties are known by names rather than numbers in some Census records.
  • The information on any Census image is as recorded by the Census taker. It can have errors because the person giving the information may have made a mistake (or even lied), because the Census taker misunderstood what was said, or because the Census taker made a mistake in transcribing the information.
  • Some (a very few) of the Census images are missing either because the orginal pages or books have ben lost or because the images are not available to us.

Keith Atkinson is the Coordinator for this project while the website was developed by Colin Hicks. Many other have helped by by providing transcripts of each Census and by providing information about Teddington at the time of each Census.

There is a lot of data on this website and we are sure to have got some things wrong especially in the interpretation of the handwritten entries. Please let us have any comments or corrections. For the way the website works, they should go to Colin Hicks (email), while for the data they should go to Keith Atkinson (email). But you are welcome to send your input to either of them and we can sort out who should take appropriate action.