High Street 8

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8 High Street

Road: High Street, Teddington

Property: 8

General Notes for nos. 8-36:

"Block of 3-storey buildings, comprising shops with flats above. Access to the flats is usually reached by side entrances. The building is of red brick with green paint. Variety is achieved by differences in some windows. They alternate in pairs, 2 have sets of flush sash windows, 3 paned on both 2nd and 3rd floors, and the other two have sets of two 4 paned windows above with bay windows below which slightly overhang the shop frontages. Curved window frames also relieve monotony as they give the upper frames an arched appearance. The panes appear to be separated by small carved columns. Windows are recessed into the brickwork and in some instances bricks at the top of the windows are ornamented with small rosettes. In 2013 the window frames are all painted white."

No. 8: This first section of the block has a large double-fronted window with the shop entrance in the centre, and there is an additional set of windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

In 1978, E.G.Gilbert (furrier). In 2013, Vinery Café.

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