Cromwell Road 46, "Appleby"

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New "Appleby", 46 Cromwell Road
"Appleby", 33 Cromwell Road

Road: Cromwell Road

Property: 46, "Appleby"

About the time of the 1939-45 war the manor house of Cranford St John near Heathrow, also known as Cranford House, and its surrounding buildings were pulled down. It is understood that material from these buildings was salvaged and used in the house erected on the site to the rear of nos. 42-44. Planning permission had been granted for a house to be built on this site in 1938 but it is not known whether anything had been built there at this time. The house is now called Appleby and is reached by the narrow lane to the east of no. 44. There is a notice on one wall of the present building bearing the date 1561. Part of the original house, Cranford, may have been built at that time, but not in Teddington. The original Cranford House is said to have had traces of its Tudor existence but much of the old building had been altered in 1722. The present Appleby has some old pieces of stained glass in its windows but the dates of these are not certain.

There was formerly another house called Appleby at no. 33 Cromwell Road, on the corner of Udney Park Road, but this was demolished in about 1988, although it remained on Richmond Council's List of BTMs till recently (2012).

This area of Teddington was farmland, a dairy farm until the 1920s.

This note was extracted from a longer article in TeddSoc's publication "Tidings", written by Paddy Ching with Norman Simmons.

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