Blackmore's Grove 1-15

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1-15 Blackmores Grove

Road: Blackmore's Grove

Property: 1-15

These comprise a terrace of 8 cottages, 2-storey brick with sash windows said to have been built about 1860, similar to those in Field Lane (see separate entry). The cottages are shown on the 1863/64 Ordnance Survey map when the road was known as Field Lane. The Blackmore's Grove cottages have back gardens which look on to a service pathway on the other side of which are the similar houses in Field Lane. The houses have the same high roof line sloping sharply down at the rear, but have no front door porches and a short front garden.

These cottages used to have a plaque reading "Providence Place 1863" which is reported to have still been visible in the 1960s.

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