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News from the Teddington Society

A NEWSLETTER, Tidings, is prepared and distributed quarterly to members of the Society, giving reports from the groups, news items of local interest (historical and current) and details of local events.

Reminders about events may sometimes be emailed to members who have supplied us with an email address.

Some news about Teddington Society activities and events will be posted on this website. email any news items relevant to Teddington.

To find the recent interesting article about Dunkirk and our local song writer, Mike Pemberton, go to Groups, History, History News.

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  • Looking in the latest edition of Tidings our newsletter for Society members I find reference to some of the local charities which have been supported in the last year. Supporting the work of other local groups is one of our aims which help to make Teddington a better place to live and work.

    A grant of £300 was given to the St John Ambulance Brigade for a new ‘A’ rated cooker for their headquarters in Park Road. It is now being put to good use.

    A sum of £100 was donated towards a special Christmas Day Lunch in Bushy Park for young people leaving care and their care workers. Sir Vince Cable MP attended the event. It is hoped to make this an annual event supported by crowd funding.

    The Teddington Society (via Sally and Geoff Howland) is involved in the delivery before Christmas of parcels of festive cheer to local residents who are housebound and alone. This annual event is funded generously by Hampton Wick United Charity and we are pleased to help.

    Events run by and participated in by the Society, such as Teddington in Flower – our annual flower festival of local gardens, Chestnut Sunday, the Pram Race and Village Fair, and Teddington Lights up, allow us to raise funds which we can distribute to local groups.

  • A reflection on last year’s Teddington 800 events which celebrated 800 years of history in Teddington as written by Anne McTear in the latest edition of our Tidings newsletter.

    Last year’s festival was truly wonderful for many reasons, the greatest being the way in which we partnered with the people and organisations of the town – not least the Teddington Society. At every one of the 25 events, and for every one of the six months, there was the most tremendous joining together in common purpose – whether to party at the ball, to learn at the lecture, to perform at the Review, to pray at the riverside or to perspire pushing the pram at the pram race! And we relished every minute of it.

    For some people, Teddington 800 was about history and heritage, and keeping it alive and appreciated – and thanks to Paddy Ching, Ken Howe and others in the History Group, we were able to do that. For others, 800 was about being with friends and sharing passions with a much broader range of local people, in the hope that their lives might be enriched by it – and thanks to the Landmark, the NPL, Normansfield, the Lensbury, the sport and river clubs and the Traherne group, we were able to do that too.

    For more still, and certainly for me, 800 was also about the central and supportive role of the church in its community, and the service it has offered for so long and will continue steadfastly to provide.

    In truth, we’d hoped and aimed for the festival to be all of these things, and thanks to the contribution of 30 organisations, 12 steering group members (including, of course, the dynamic Sheena Harold) and 350 additional volunteers from the town, that hope came true. We just can’t thank everyone enough!

    So now, what will Teddington 801 hold for St Mary’s? To find out, watch for our next exciting instalment coming to Tidings soon!

  • To find the interesting article about one of the proudest moments in Teddington’s History and local song writer Mike Pemberton follow the links to the History section and then to its news page.

  • On a very wet Saturday 12 November morning seven members of the (Teddington Society) Environment Group braved the elements to litterpick, and generally clean up, the area around and adjacent to the Teddington War Memorial prior to the Remembrance Day service the following day.


    Anyone interested in joining the Environment Group should contact Geoff Howland on 020 8977 9404 or at geoff.howland@btinternet.com.”

    Alan & Garden

  • Andrew Robinson, Lensbury’s contact at the Environment Agency regarding the work being done at Teddington Weir, has reported that one of the ‘winding mechanisms’ that raises and lowers the roller gates on the Weir has broken and the gate closest to the Lensbury is stuck in a semi-up position, behind the dam. The mechanism will be replaced next Spring/Summer.

    In the meantime, the EA’s contractors will construct a temporary solution to the problem. A large steel frame will be built over the Weir gate structure allowing the EA to raise and lower the broken gate. The frame is expected to be built and operational by the end of November and will be dismantled next Spring once the permanent solution is in place.

    If you notice any suspicious activity, possible theft or vandalism, on or around the Weir work site please let Andrew Robinson know on 07747 006 795.

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