Oxford Road 24

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24 Oxford Road

Road: Oxford Road

Property: Pier boundary wall

The high boundary wall at this property facing onto Connaught Road ends in a pier at the corner of Oxford Road and Connaught Road. This square pier is composed of red and yellow stock bricks, with the red bricks forming quoins, and is capped by decorative blocks of terracotta above a projecting 'full' bullnose string course in small purple engineering bricks. The terracotta is topped by an urn shaped finial which includes acanthus leaf decoration and a lotus bud design at the very top. Above the string course are chamfered terracotta blocks which provide an octagonal base for barrel-vault shaped blocks which form a cross below the finial.

A member of the History Group is making enquiries of the owner of no. 24 about the pillar which the owner thought was 150 years old! The wall is definitely 20th century and no-one in the History Group knows of a reason for the pillar being on that corner. Maybe it was built with old materials. We feel not worthy of BTM status.

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