High Street 100-104

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100-104 High Street
100-104 High Street 1999

Road: High Street, Teddington

Property: 100-104

From the Teddington Society's "The Houses of Teddington" (published 1999):

"The first properties that were standing in 1800 along the south side of the High Street and which are still standing today are nos. 100-104 High Street. These 3 houses are next to the telephone exchange,west of Udney Park Road. Although they were described as 'Newly built brick houses' in 1802 it is thought that they had been built in about 1780. The houses were next to Bridgeman House, which is believed to be where Sir Orlando Bridgeman, the Keeper of the Great Seal, had lived in the 1660s. This house was demolished in 1911 and the telephone exchange was built on the site in 1951. Lemons, the bakers who were well known in Teddington earlier this century, started at no. 104 but eventually moved to premises next door to the east which have now been demolished. These houses were in poor condition but roof repairs have been undertaken in the 1990s."

Originally all had steps down into the roadway but these were cut back and shop fronts added when the road was widened for the coming of the trams in 1903.

No. 100: In 1978 and 1989, empty or under repair. In 2013 Via (Boutique).

No. 102: In 1979 and to date (2013), F.W.Paine (Funeral Director).

No. 104: Up one step, double fronted. In 1979, Ken's Barber Shop. In 2013, Divine (Hair and Beauty).

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