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1-15 Teddington Park in about 2011
1-15 Teddington Park about 1906 when it was still called Blenheim Road

Road: Teddington Park

Property: 1-15 Teddington Park.

Nos. 1 - 15 comprise a Victorian terrace of artisan cottages, 2-storey, stock brick with stringer courses, brick arches to sash windows, arch over front doors, some slate roofs, some tiled, small narrow front gardens. The properties are largely original.

"We live here and the first mention of the property according to our deeds is 14 November 1865, when a conveyance between Richard Swaby and George Spencer Clement agreed that Clement would erect a fence within ten feet of the front boundary and another along the east boundary. The first sale of the property was in 1962 and I do believe that the Clement family owned all the houses, renting them out, and gradually selling them off. A descendant told us it was to pay the drink and gambling bills! I'm not sure of the exact date that the building of the terrace started, but we did find a 1 cent Canadian coin when some of the original plaster fell off a few years ago.

As you can see from the attached photo, the road was originally called Blenheim Road and it appears under this name in the 1871 Census, although only two houses were occupied. By 1881 four of them were occupied, but not by anyone from the 1871 Census. By 1891 all the terrace was occupied and further houses had been built on the same side of the road.

There are plans in Richmond Library, which I have yet to follow up, which refer to Teddington Park Estate Building Land Sale Catalogue dated 7 November 1865 and an application for a new build for Blenheim Road dated 12/6/1876. I suspect the latter is for properties further down the road. However, a map in Kelly's Directory 1899-1900 shows only the terrace on the northern side of the road and the rest still as fields.

The change of name from Blenheim Road comes in the first decade of the 20th century, probably because of Anglo-German tensions, I suggest! The reverse of the postcard of the terrace has a postmark of September 11th, 1906. However, Childs' Teddington Directory for 1912 calls the road Teddington Park. Incidentally, the terrace now has odd numbers, whereas in the 1901 Census it was numbered sequentially from no. 1 to no. 8. I have yet to investigate the 1911 Census to see what else I can find, but if I get more information I will forward it to you." Roger Theobald.

On the 1894-96 OS map of Teddington the road which is now Teddington Park is named as Blenheim Road.

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