Royal Road 17-23

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17-19 Royal Road
21 Royal Road
23 Royal Road

Road: Royal Road

Property: 17-23

Nos. 17-19: Semi-detached, 2-storey, stock brick with stone facings, slate roof. Splayed bays over the ground floor windows with a slate roof extended over the door to form a porch. No garages.

No. 21: Detached, 2-storey double-fronted house, brick with stone facings washed white. Splayed bays on ground floor. Arched entrance with recessed door.In 1970s there was a garage but in 2014 this has gone.

No. 23: Part of a terrace of three houses, nos. 23-27, 2-storey, brick with rough-cast render on first floor, slate roof. Square bay on ground floor, linked by a roof to the porch.

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