Park Road 24, "Old Manor Cottage"

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"Old Manor Cottage", 24 Park Road

Road: Park Road, Teddington

Property: 24, "Old Manor Cottage"

Listed Grade II (1983).

This house is apparently an amalgamation of 2 houses - the main frontage one along with a cottage to the rear which adjoins the boundary with The Elms (no. 22 Park Road). The rather unusual glass and timber garage structure at the front is late Victorian.

In 1881 the house was occupied by a French pastor, Guillane Dangars, and the house was known as L'Hermitage; it was said that French refugees stayed there. The house was not called Old Manor Cottage until after 1914.

The listing description is very short:

"C18. 2-storeys, 3 windows, colour-washed brick. Parapeted front with cornice. Modern casement windows."

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