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1-31 Mays Road
Mays Road 1975

Road: Mays Road

Property: 1-31

This estate, consisting of like properties in Princes Road, King's Road, Mays Road, and Connaught Road, was built as part of a Government initiative called "Homes for Heroes". These were homes for men coming back from the 1914/18 War. There is a plaque on no. 21 Mays Road giving the date of 1921 for their completion. They were built to a surprisingly high standard, having inside toilets (when the surrounding properties had outside "lean-to's" as I can remember from childhood friends) and separate bathrooms. The roof timbers are of good solid oak. Most have 3 bedrooms but a few have four as families were much larger then. My parents rented my house from the then Teddington Urban District Council. I believe the land on which these houses were built was a small Nursery and one of the partners signing it over to the Council was a Mrs Martha May - hence Mays Road? One cannot be sure about this, but the Deeds may give further clues.

The 1975 TeddSoc Survey wrote: "Eighteen pairs semi-detached 2-storey houses, roughcast with tiled roofs. Gable with, in many cases, one set of gable sweeping down to form porch over entrance. In 3 blocks of 4 houses there is a rear entry giving access. No garages but parking places grouped along road."

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