High Street 53-55

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53-55 High Street 1970
53 High Street
55 High Street

Road: High Street, Teddington

Property: 53-55

From the Teddington Society 1989 report by Misses R. & S. Sanford:

"The six single-storey shops nos. 49-59 were built in the front gardens of Grove Villas before the First World War. Grove Villas, consisting of five terraced villas, were built in about 1839."

No. 53: In 1989, Kirby Chemist. Still the same in 2013.

No. 55: In 1977, Kirbys took over no. 55 and a new modern style front was fitted replacing the 19th century frontage and fittings

In 1989, B.R.Z.Ltd (packing office). In 2013, Mini Me (children's hairdresser).

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