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17 Ferry Road

Road: Ferry Road

Property: 17

No. 17 was built somewhere between 1820 (when Tide End Cottages were built) and 1863 when it appears on the 1863 OS map. It was a mid terrace Victorian villa and appears on the 1871 census, listed as one of three villas known as Lynton Villa, Bankside Villa and Lota Villa, no. 17 being the centre one, Bankside villa.

(Note from Teddington Society/Paddy Ching: Bankside Villa is marked on the Ordnance Survey map as being situated where Quay West now stands. The error probably occurred by a misreading of the census return as Mr. Brigg - see following - certainly did live at Bankside Villa in 1881.)

From the 1871 census through to the 1911 census the house was owned by the famous umbrella manufacturer Thomas Brigg and his family. The company sold and still sells the most quintessentially English umbrellas as used by Steed, in the TV series the Avengers, and owned by major British figures such as Neville Chamberlain. See: www.swainedeneybrigg.com.

From the early 1920s until the mid 1990s the house had one owner, who appears to have rented the property to multiple tenants. The house is mentioned in various obituaries and became known as Bankside. During the early 1980s one of the three villas was demolished to make an access road for the Quay West development, leaving no. 17 as an end of terrace property with interesting features,such as exposed chimneys, on display. Externally the property has also been painted white and the front garden converted to parking. Internally the layout has also changed with an extension to the back filling the rear courtyard which formed the original L shape of the property. The house still has many original features, such as two beautiful fireplaces still in working order.

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