Ferry Road 1-13

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1-13 Ferry Road

Road: Ferry Road

Property: 1-13

The houses with odd numbers, nos. 1 - 17 start after the junction with Manor Road.

No. 1: named St. John's House, is divided into flats for the disabled run by Orione Care. Until recently it had been known as Colombo House. "It was formerly the Mall School, detached 3-storey, brick with slate roof, double fronted with splayed bay on one side of entrance, sash windows. Rounded arch over door with pilasters and column heads." There had been a garage fronting on Manor Road, but this has recently been replaced by a single storey extension with a similar construction on the other side of the building. The front garden is gravel-finished paving.

Nos. 3-13: These are described in the 1970s Teddington Society Survey as: "three pairs of semi-detached houses, 4-storey, brick with slate roofs, sash windows, splayed bays on ground floor, first floor windows are surmounted by crenellated headings." There are gables over the top floor windows. The windows and doors of nos. 7-13 have decorated brick arches and the brickwork at second floor window level of all the houses have rendered white painted string courses. Most, if not all, of the houses have been converted into flats. In an 1887 sale plan the houses are referred to as Riverside Villas. All but one have front lawns with shrubs. Two have manhole covers inscribed W.J. Porter, Teddington, probably original.

No. 3 and No. 5 (named Fairfield): When converted into flats, these lost their main arched front doors which are now windows with access to the flats at the side of the houses and an iron fire escape at the side of no. 3.

No. 7 is called St John's.

No. 9 has an iron fire escape at the side.

Nos. 11-13: There is a stone insert on the chimney breast of this pair with date 1870 and initials J.H. A John Hurst, builder, lived in Ferry Road at the time of the 1871 census with his wife and 4 children, but had moved by 1881. No. 11 has lost its lawn and no. 13 has lost its crenellation above the 1st floor bay window.

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