Connaught Road 32-92

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Connaught Road 32 up
Connaught Road 92 down

Road: Connaught Road

Property: 32-92

From the notes by Mrs E.D. Bromley for the 1973 Teddington Society Survey:

"Nos. 32-62. Pre-1893. 4 terraces of 4 houses, 2-storey, brick with stone facings & red brick decorations, slate roof. Square bays on ground floor. Porches with painted entrance grouped in pairs with gables in roof over. Some re-roofed. No garages.

Nos. 64-92. Pre-1893. 3 terraces of 4 houses, 1 terrace of 3 houses, similar style as nos. 32-62 with splayed bays on ground floor & fliage decorations on window & porch pillars."

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