Clarence Road 38-74

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38-74 Clarence Road

Road: Clarence Road, Teddington

Property: 38-74

From the notes by Misses R. & S. Sanford for the 1973 Teddington Society Survey:

"No. 38: (On the corner of Clarence Road & Avenue Road) Large 3-storey red-brick house in Victorian style - front entrance on verandah running half front of house. Recently (1972) modernised and extended at rear etc & divided into flats by Council for re-housing purposes. (According to Paddy Ching (2013) in 1887 it was known as Kingsley and was occupied by the Rev G.M. Foot)

No. 40-74: Victorian development - large double-fronted, 2-storey red brick semi-detached houses with tiled roofs. Side entrances to longish gardens at rear. Decorated barge boards on gables. Windows - square bays on 1 side of front entrance. Porched front entrances in centre with side windows, leading to hall & staircase. One front reception room in some cases converted for garages eg nos. 50 & 62. Some divided into flats. Some front gardens used for parking. No. 44 extensively modernised - with wide sweep to front door. Compare this type of dwelling with similar in Cambridge Road off the High Street."

Plans survive in the Borough Collection for nos. 60-74, four pairs of semi-detached villas, submitted by T. Dence (Borough Collection PLA/01824). Note these houses are not in the Park Road Conservation Area.

In 1997 Clarence Road residents celebrated their centenary so it would appear the above houses were not occupied until about 1897 and many a few years later.

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