Broom Road 170-182

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170-182 Broom Road
Broom Road 182

Road: Broom Road

Property: 170-182

The current owner (2013) of no. 182 writes:

"I have lived here with my family since 1981 (see second photo). This was the first to be built of nos. 172-182 Broom Road. Our house was built in 1882, and was probably a manager's house of the Teddington Sewage Works, which were opposite.

"The deeds have a covenant on the land (dated 1868 between John Morant and William Henry Hubbard) to the effect that no hotel, tavern or public house shall at any time be erected thereon. Hence, I am not allowed to sell alcohol,................ but, as my solicitor informed me, I am allowed to give it away!"

The original 1882 planning application for these buildings is on the Richmond Local Studies website. To see it: click here.

The 1970s TeddSoc review described these houses as "Double-fronted semi-detached 2-storey houses with balconies on upper floor, tiled roof and rounded bays."

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