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2-18 Adelaide Road

Road: Adelaide Road

Property: 2-18

The following details (with minor corrections) were compiled in 1976 by Miss E. Schofield, with Adelaide Road being described as a turning off Park Road leading to the Railway Station and part of conservation area no. 22. Queen Adelaide supported local charities and gave donations to the school and church.

Adelaide Road was laid out in the early 1860s but in the O.S. map of 1863/64 only two houses, semi-detached, are shown. These two houses are not readily identified on the 1893/94 O.S. map, but may have been partially altered and now be nos. 2 and 4 Victoria Road. Seven houses are listed in the 1871 census return including Sherborne Lodge which is named as such in an 1873 street directory. Ten houses are listed in the 1881 census return.

No. 2: Detached house built of brick with slate roof. Of 2-storeys with sash windows – one at ground floor level, two first floor. Main entrance has arched top to porch. Annexe at left side comprises garage on ground floor, imitation weather board in white above. Built pre-1871. Small garden at front with young maple tree.

No. 4: Detached house built of brick with slate roof. Of 2-storeys with sash windows – two at ground floor level,two first floor. Main entrance set back at left side with name of house, not very conspicuously displayed, in cement shield attractively painted in black – Sherborne Lodge. Garage this side. Built pre-1871. Small garden in front with laburnum tree.

Nos. 6 & 8: Semi-detached houses built of brick with slate roofs and tall chimney in middle. Of 2-storeys with each a bay window at ground floor level and two sash windows first floor. Main entrances set back at each end. No. 8 joined by small extension in brick to no. 10. Built pre-1871. Small garden at front.

Nos. 10, 12, 14, 16, 18: Terrace of houses built of brick with slate roofs. Of 2-storeys each with sash windows, one at ground floor level, two first floor. Main entrances with arched top to porches being in pairs except that of no. 18 at end of terrace. Small gardens at front, all with low brick walls.

No. 10: having white painted wooden fence and gate.

No. 14: pretty wrought metal fence and garden gate to match, with wooden frame.

No. 16: golden privet clipped hedge and iron gate.

No. 18: wrought iron fence and gate, joined onto next building which used to be a tailoring and dry-cleaning shop (no longer there) in Victoria Road with a side door next to no. 18.

Nos. 10-14: built pre-1871.

Nos. 16 and 18: built 1871 or later.

All these houses are Victorian and a preservation order was made in October 1973.

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