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Police Liaison Group, 29 Feb 2024

29 February 2024, 7:30 - 9:00pm

Police Liaison Group
Hampton Wick and Teddington

Come & meet your local police

• Listen to the priorities for Teddington and Hampton Wick
• How are we doing?
• Have you any concerns?

Representatives from the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), Richmond Councillors, and local & neighbourhood organisations will be there

Where? St Mary’s Church Hall Langham Road, Teddington

When? Thursday 29th February 7.30-9pm

Potential items for discussion
1. Speeding police vehicles (Park Road, Sandy Lane, Fulwell Road, Queens Road) MPS
2. Selling of alcohol and vape products to children
3. Right of offenders v. rights of victims MPS
4. Change in bicycle theft and shoplifting statistics.
5. Sequestering of local officers e.g. to police demonstrations in Central London MPS
6. The sentencing and punishment of prolific offenders
7. The problems and management of Lime bikes
8. Incidence of drinks spiking in local pubs and clubs MPS
9. Recent murder and serious assault in Teddington and Strawberry Hill MPS
10. Progress on scamming and distraction fraud

(MPS – police may want to lead on these)

Items for discussion submitted by the New Wick Road & School House Lane Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

We are the new Wick Road & School House Lane Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (000172797) created in December 2023.
This scheme covers Wick Road, School House Lane and Bushy Park Road between Wick Road and the Railway Footbridge;
With Lindum Road looking to join.
It replaces a previous NW Scheme, which closed decades ago.

Discussion Items

- Surge in home burglaries.
- Blatant daylight drug dealing
- Speeding police vehicles (Kingston Road)
- Dangerous dogs either off leads, or without muzzles.
- Sparse ward level SNT communications and community engagement
- SNT depleted by ‘abstractions’.

Discussion Items Detail

Surge in home burglaries.
We have seen a big spike in actual and attempted house burglaries in our area and in surround areas.
While there have been some arrests, burglaries continue.
Our area had two actual and two attempted burglaries over Nov-Dec 23 and two actual house burglaries in Jan in neighbouring streets.
In comparison, we often went for years without a burglary in the street, in the past.

The effort and increased police presence, both on the street and patrol cars, in response last year was welcomed.
Interestingly, the Met SNT ward crime statistics does not list Burglary as a category anymore since Dec 2023, even though it’s a Met priority issue.

Blatant daylight drug dealing
Drug dealing centred around Crieff Court is a long running problem going back years. Dealers are blatantly dealing in daylight on the street.

Speeding police vehicles (Kingston Road)
We received complaints from NW Scheme members high speed driving by Met Emergency Response Policing Team (ERPT) cars through busy traffic.
The photograph below shows a multi car collision on Kingston Road, involving three unmarked ERPT cars.

Crashed Cars in Hampton Wick

Others reported the same to the PLG. – Speeding police vehicles Park Road, Sandy Lane, Fulwell Road, Queens Road

ERPT patrol cars must respond to 999 calls with an immediate urgency grading in 15 minutes and operate across BCUs.
This is causing a rise of complaints and accidents according to recent FOI. Our BCU alone consists of Kingston Upon Thames, Merton, Richmond Upon Thames, Wandsworth broughs.
There are 12 BCUs in London covering 32 broughs.

Dangerous dogs either off leads, or without muzzles.
We received complaints about dangers dogs off the lead and unmuzzled in the streets and in Bushy Park. Bull terrier off lead on Bushy Park Road – being goaded by their owners while out walking.

Sparse ward level SNT communications and community engagement
SNT communications and community engagement is sparse.
The last SNT twitter update as Dec 23.
The Met SNT Meeting and Events website page has been displaying “No upcoming events are planned in the Hampton Wick and South Teddington area.” for many months.
The SNT WhatsApp channel details only one Richmond wide update since creation.
Also, no engagement with our NW Scheme since creation, other than one cursory doorstep chat.
On the positive side, the SNT have attended community events like Allotment events etc.

SNT depleted by ‘abstractions’.
Previously, SNTs comprised 5 PCSOs, three PCs and a Sergeant for every ward in London.
The current blueprint commitment is a very minimal two DWOs (Dedicated Ward Officers) and one PCSO for each ward.
These were meant to be ring-fenced neighbourhood policing to prevent abstractions in the 2018 Met reorganisation.

One major reason is that staff on BCUs are abstracted for ‘Aid’.
That means they are providing policing elsewhere in London for demonstrations, football matches or large public events.
Aid can also be local, to respond to incidents in the area.
An example is policing the recent Gaza protests in London and protecting the Israeli Embassy.

This raises some questions for SNT management about how frequently SNT abstractions occur and the percentage of the SNT abstracted, including officers (Beat Sergeants and Neighbourhood Inspectors)

Future events